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Sorry, this part is still under construction.

Here we are creating a program and online tutorials  with detailed information, breathing technics, and breath work. 


A Guide to the lost Miracle of Breath

About Breath, Health & Well-being. 

1. Intro

2. About Breath & Life

3. Functional, Every Day Breathing

4. Stress Relief & Calming Down

5. Sleep & Snoring
6. Panic Attacks & Anxiety

7. Improving Health & Healing through Breath

8. High Performance & Sports

9. Breath & Transcendental Meditation States

    a)  Tripping on your own oxygen and self made CO2

    b) Breathing Techniques to create your body's very own DMT  

10. AirwaysOral Posture & Hyper Ventilation Training

11. Breathing Techniques

12. Breath Grove - Breathing the Beat