What is Transformational Breathwork ?

Transformational Breathwork is an intense, self empowring & self healing form of Breathwork using our own breath. It is a tri-level breathing technique with focus on continuous, rhythmic breath flow that works on three levels. The physical, the emotional and the spiritual. The Transformational Breath Process allows the practitioner to enter a deep transcendental state. 

Heal !"

How does Transformational Breathwork work?

This breathing technique utilizes a high-frequency energy that is created by an increased oxygen intake in a very specific way. The mind is cleared by the change of vibrational patterns allowing a deeper connection to self beyond the level of thought. It also encourages a full diaphragmatic breath which on a physical level massages all the organs that come into contact with, or are affected by the movement of the diaphragm, thus aiding good circulation.

"An Intense Breathing Experience!"

What to expect in a Transformational Breathwork Session?

The actual session takes about 1 hour. All breathing is done through the mouth and in a laying down, comfortable position. This process is accompanied by a chosen combination of music and contains several phases of "Sound", an intense vocal release.
Generally every session of TBW is experienced physically and energetically different. In a way, it is a new experience each time. Where it goes depends largely on ones current state of personal development and/or the process level of certain topics one might be dealing with. Even though most participants experience quite intense journeys right from the first time on, it can be said that the level and quality of release and connection intensifies with practice.

"Breathe Yourself into Higher Frequency!"

What are the benefits of Transformational Breathwork Meditation

Every day life containing stress, fear and/or emotional upset can cause restricted breathing as we unconsciously hold our breath to prevent ourselves from being overwhelmed. This can lead to feeling completely lethargic, emotionally drained or even cause some sort of physical illness for thoughts and emotions accumulate when you hold your breath. They then get suppressed at a cellular level, humming in the background of our subconscious mind. Our unresolved emotions and low vibration energy patterns can affect the way we live our lives.

Therefore how one breaths is symbolic to how one lives!

TBM is a life affirming experience. It is a breathing of release, surrender and connection. During a Session we completely let go, freeing the body, the mind and soul energy into free flow. With regular practice of Transformational Breathwork Meditation, the breath will begin to flow more freely at all times and may even provide more mental clarity, emotional freedom and resilience.

But remember! Transformational Breathwork Meditation is not considered a cure for illness.
However, the benefits have shown to include support for coping with severral types of  of symptoms like anxiety, stress, burnout and many more.

If you have any concerns about your well-being,  please contact your Doctor before you try Transformational Breathwork Meditation.

"Let Go and Be Free! "

I offer regular, TB Sessions locally and integrate this effective release work in most of my Seminars and Workshops. 

For TB Sessions in samll Groups and private locations please contact me personally.