Let Your Soul Speak Through Your Body

What is SoulDance?


A SoulDance  session is an invite to participate in the cosmic dance of Life itself through body, mind & Soul.

What does that mean?

SoulDance is rooted in Biodanza, a human development program of movement and dance leading to self discovery and healing. It is an organic renovation and relearning of our lost original life functions, integrating the power of music, movement and group dynamics.The proposition is not only to dance, but also to activate through specific movements affectionate communication potentials, connecting us with ourselves, with our fellow human beings and with nature as a whole. 

" Dance, and unleasch  Your True Self! "

Is it hard to dance SoulDance?

Not at all !  In SoulDance dancing is referred to as experiential movement and has nothing to do with ballet or other set forms of formal dance practices. Anyone can move to music in their own way, and SoulDance is exactly that. Deep movement, arising from the depths of the human being, a movement of life and biological rhythm, breath, heartbeat, and the impulse to connect. Each at their own pace, always listening to the signs and respecting the limits of one's body. 

" Release  Pressure,    Stress & Anxiety! "

What are the Benefits of SoulDance

Change, transformation, growth and existential consistency can not come from ideology. They come through conscious experiences lived with all of our parts. Body, mind & Soul! In SoulDance we activate transformation through active Dancing Quests, experiences, in which the participant gets to live effortlessly and completely THE HEAR AND NOW WITH GREAT INTENSITY. This produces profound emotional, kin-esthetic and visceral effects. The benefits of SoulDance are numerous. From releasing pressure, stress, anxiety and sadness to creating inner calmness, liberation, inner balance and genuine joy, not only on a psychological but equally physiological level. SoulDance exercises and caters to all three parts of our being, the body, the mind and the Soul.

Please do remember, SoulDance is not considered a cure for illness.
If you have any concerns about your well-being,  please contact your Doctor before you participate in a SoulDance session. 

" Connect ! "

I offer regular, biweekly SoulDance Sessions locally and integrate this effective transformational dance work in most of my Seminars and Workshops. 

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