Soul Design  & Akashic Records 

Discover the Gift of Soul Level Healing!  This  work can completely change your human experience!

What is your predominant Soul-energy? 

What did you come here for? 

Karmic ties, blocks and energetic injuries, what is it really that  keeps you from floating your boat? 

Soul-Level-Resonance      uncovers what you allways knew but totally forgot...

SoulReading  & Akashic Clearing 

*Know who you are at Soul level  *Uncover and clear karmic blockages  *Heal energetic tears and scars

Relationship Readings

 Romantic and Family Relationships

*Discover the karmic ties from other lives   *Create deep Soul level understanding about eachother

Akashic Property Clearings

Clearing karmic ties and energetic blockages from homes, offices and properties.

What is Soul-Level-Resonance ?

Have you ever asked yourself why Law of Attraction and manifesting what you want just doesn't really seem to work in your life, why unpleasant and difficult situations seem to dominate your every day? Or why it is that despite of success and material wealth you can not achieve the inner feeling of fulfillment, yes, why your heart is still not smiling?

Well, there might be different factors contributing to the matter, but the one main reason for humans not to find their desired level of abundance, whether in Love, relationships, material wealth, time etc. is that they are completely unaware of their true nature, their very own divine gifts and are out of touch with their personal energetic blueprint, the connection to Creative Life Force Energy.

In short, most of us are living lives for the bigger part unaligned to who we really are. This can only create energetic friction and blockages, no matter how much we try to affirm and visualize the better.

Soul-Level-Resonance is about discovering your true self and returning to your original version of Soul design, your Soul Blueprint, allowing unhindered, unlimited connection and access to Creative Life Force Energy, with other words, your direct connection to Divine Source !

With Soul-Level-Resonance you step into full knowledge about who you are at Soul level. You find out what karmic blocks and restrictions exist that have created negative patterns, which are causing you to repeatedly attract unwanted situations, lack and low vibrating energy in your present lifetime. You effectively and permanently clear & resolve these patterns and learn how to start living your spiritual identity in very real, practical ways.

You find out how to make choices according to your Divine Nature!

" Who are you at  Soul  Level ? "

It is not about Information, it is about Transformation!

Soul-Level-Resonance reveals energetic qualities, Soul Groups, the Soul’s purpose and gifts on a Soul level. It points out our desired path here on earth, shows us what will create success and what will cause perceived failure. It uncovers what is keeping us from creating a life of Love, flow and abundance.

How can you start living your spiritual identity and begin making choices that express your Divine Nature and that put you back into the flow of Creative Life Force Energy?  What is it, that truly makes your heart  smile?

That is what  Soul-Level-Resonance is all about!


This work is based on accurate Information gleaned from the Akashic Records combined with a complete and comprehensive System to effectively translate all findings into every day life activities so you may create an amazing and joyful experience here on Earth.


Soul-Level-Resonance allows you to discover and step into the real You , your true infinite Inner Authority

" Start living your Spiritual Identity in Very Real, Practical Ways ! "

Soul-Level-Resonance reveals Your Energetic Qualities, your Purpose & Gifts on the Level of Soul.

But What Does That Mean?

To explain, let's take a step back and look at the bigger picture:
I think most of you are very aware of, and would agree to the fact that we are much more than just a body with a name, a job and bills to pay. 

Within all of us there is something that gives this body life.

Let's face it, you would never say "I am a body", but you clearly would state "I have a body".  Now, if I have a body, who is that "I" 

Without becoming too detailed on this matter here, let me tell you a bit about who you are. Of course there are many beliefs and variations of how it all plays together, but in general all come to the same conclusion. There is Source, Universe, God, Allah, Mohamed, Buddha, (name it however it flows with your energy), from which all originates and that brings Life (vibrational movement) into all things. It is the source of Creative Life Force Energy that is Life itself. From Shamans to Gurus, Philosophers to Scientists this is an indisputable fact.

“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. 
We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind."

Max Plank  -  Nobel Prize in Physics 1918  - Quantum Mechanics 

For simplicity I would like to call this life within you Soul.  This Soul is multi dimensional in nature and was created by Source  in a  very specific way, with very certain energies that are designed to acquire  experiences that will enable consciousness, especially in reference to these qualities.

The Soul enters this earthly lifetime in a human body and ideally lives a life aligned with it's Divine Nature, it's Soul's design. This way Creative Life Force Energy flows freely and manifesting desired outcomes is easy, which, in fact, makes up a vibrant and fulfilling earth experience. 

And here lies the catch!  How many of us are really experiencing a vibrant, abundant and fulfilling life here on this lovely planet?! Not so many, right?!  Why is that? 

Well, energetically most of us have lost touch. We, to our Souls and it’s nature, and with that, our Souls have lost great parts or up to all of their connection with that fountain of Creative Life Force Energy that we originated from. We are somewhat disconnected.  Kind of like a car without proper or any fuel and we cannot enjoy the ride.

How does this happen and can we reconnect? Yes,  Soul-Level-Resonance can show you how.

" Align  More  &  More  to Your Soul's  Naturally  Abundant Gifts ! "

How is it done ?

Soul-Level-Resonance has a highly specific and practical focus.  Spirit is logical!  I use the Akashic Records as an access to spiritual information. It is not about  the Akashic Records, they just happen to be one of the tools utilized. However, they do provide vital insight that can lead to change of choices and actions in real life according to your true identity. Please know, information sought from the Akashic Records must serve the growth and development of our lives and is not intended for the mind's curiosity. Therefore discipline, integrity and spiritual ethics are essential to this work in order to create real and accurate results. 

In this work I use a very cohesive, logical & mental framework for understanding the information contained in the Akashic Records. Additionally I strive to be as non dogmatic as possible so that the logical mind can follow and actions can be taken.  Because let's be clear:

As much as you might  know yourself to be of heavenly origin and part of other dimensional aspects, you did incarnate here on earth exactly at this time with an amazing body for a very real reason: To actively participate in the possibilities of 3rd dimensional living in order to broaden and expand your consciousness. 

Soul-Level-Resonance enables you to optimize this experience, bringing together your multi dimensional aspects of spiritual, mental and physical being.

" What Choices are Congruent or In-congruent to Living Your Spiritual Truth? "

What happens in a Soul-Level-Resonance Session

Let's begin with the fact, that thanks to modern technology it is not necessary to be physically in the same place. This means we can work together on discovering, clearing and aligning your life in accordance to your true self even if we sit on opposite sides of this  world

After receiving some personal information like full name, name at birth, birthday etc. I initiate the "Arkashic Research", gather relevant information and take a look at the connections present. When the information needed is complete and accurate, we  set up a session date and come together, either physically or by telephone conference to share findings and to discuss further steps like clearings and possible new choices. 

This takes about 2 hours. The session is recorded to allow full presence without the need of distracting notes or pressure to remember everything said (which is pretty much impossible to do). An online version and download of the recording is provided after the session. This recording allows to revisit the information as many times as needed. 

I am  happy to answer any additional questions within 24 hours of a session date , best in written form or voice message. From this point on Transformation  begins. Most of the time change does not happen over night, although there have been those cases... For most of us though it is a gradual process as we learn to, step by step make new choices here on earth that are in harmony with our true Soul Energy. 

And NOW the creation of an exciting and joyful earth experience, filled with growth and consciousness, YOUR WAY,  can manifest !!! 

" What  can Create Abundance for You, and What  Won't ? "

What benefits derive from Work with Soul-Level-Resonance? 

Living and creating according to your Soul Profile always creates abundance. Abundance of time, Love, money, material wealth, more opportunities and understanding, greater level of health etc.

Why? Because when you are aware and connected with your Soul energy, the type of Soul you truly are, you can make dessisions that will not create friction, discord and blockages within yourself. As you live an unblocked divine connection, creative life force energy can infinitely pour into your experience. That is what we call “being in the flow!”

Making choices that express your divine nature is a sure way to create and receive.

So, is it time to
- radically improve the Relationships in your life?

- step into a whole new level of Love & acceptance?

- bring yourself fully to the table as a divine, creative being?

- create very real, grounded levels of abundance? 

" Knowing Yourself at Soul Level is the Most Precious  Gift that lasts a lifetime ! "

What is the Akasha Chronicle? 

The concept of Akasha is not a New Age concept, but has been reported for thousands of years in basically every culture.

In short, the Acashia Chronicle is the space that holds your Soul´s and ALL history. Akasha means "space" or "ether" in Sanskrit, i.e. the element that connects everything in the universe, the space that surrounds us. The Akasha Chronicle is a kind of huge information field on a non-physical 5D plane of existence, where everything is recorded and stored, past, present and future (timeless). Everything is contained in it, including everything about us, our present life and our other incarnations! All of our experiences, patterns and blockages, our life lessons and potentials, our soul plan and soul connections!  All of our lives, events and ages are recorded in this archive. It is also called

The Akashic Records
The Memory of God
The Book of Life.

Often the Records are pictured for simplicity and understanding to the mind as a mystic library of sort. However, it would be more accurate to think of them as an energetic database that stores every choice anyone has ever made, anything that was done, an energetic information super highway that resides outside of time and space, kind of configured  like the internet here on earth, a spiritual version of a cloud.

Each Soul has it's individual Akashic Record as part of it's many dimensional aspects. In Soul-Level-Resonance I access this record to retrieve only information relevant to this current experience, useful information with transformational value. 

This can only be done with full consent of the Soul accessed. It is not only spiritually unethical to try otherwise but also impossible because even though we are all interconnected at the 5th-dimencional level, here on Earth our Soul-Level-Information is highly private! Any information gathered without permission will be story telling and is mostly inaccurate. 

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