Holistic Guidance

     Personal Mentoring

Are you ready for some

                              GENUINE HAPPINESS ? 

Here I share with you, ONE ON ONE,  how to celebrate life and create a fulfilled and joyful experience through connection and alignment with true self and in harmony with Universal law. TOGETHER we take a look at your personal challenges, wishes & your position in this "Game called LIFE". I share with you personal techniques  and hands on tools, from practical to spiritual, that I have discovered and gathered in over 40 years and that have been proven to be effective and transformative for my own life.  I accompany you on your beautiful path into your true power, potential and shining light as we navigate through possible challenges and transform them into great opportunities!

Mentoring and guidance sessions can vary from 1 1/2 hour counseling sessions, locally or via conference or video call to max. 3 day Prime Time Intensive Visits at Aquaria, my location in Conil de la Frontera, Câdiz-Spain in a very personal One on One environment in which I share my personal holistic every day life approach integrating body, mind and Soul.This can include Aura photography, cleansing and Energetic Healing Sessions, Soul (Re)alignment, Personal Constellation work, Breathwork, Yoga etc. 

Happiness is the new Rich

Inner peace is the new Success

Health is the new Wealth


Kindness is the new Cool

Are Your Senses Alive? 

Do you feel vibrant and see the joy and the beauty in the world that surrounds you? Can you sense the LOVE that is everywhere and feel the butterflies in your stomach for no particular reason at all? Is it worth and fun getting up in the morning for another amazing and interesting day? And  - do the  “challenges” in life come and go, passing through without you getting caught up in extensive & excessive drama. 

Or, are you feeling tired, little motivated and often disappointed  by life as it presents itself to you? Do you find yourself compensating with things, food and distractions as an attempt to find joy somehow?  

You do sense somehow, someway, that there must be more to life than just paying bills, working for the "stuff" and always waiting for someone else to step into your life and make you happier?  However, you are caught up in this rut and just can't see how to make things better?

It is no fairy tail. Life CAN truly be good. Does this mean it is always the way we want it? No. Life will rock your boat sometimes. The question is, HOW DO YOU MANEUVER and keep the frequency of Joy alive. 

Know that there is a certain part of you that has the capacity to see "the perfection in All” no matter what, capable of bringing a new kind of balance and feeling into your experiences. As you learn to connect with this part within, the difficulties in life become less and shorter as Love, joy and the good times begin to supersede, sometimes in miraculous ways.

For most of us this does not happen over night, though there have been some occurrences.  However, for the majority it takes a little time, patience, and a hearty dose of Self Love, always taking only one step at a time. But the path in itself is an amazing one, as you open up more and more to the possibilities.  And then - you start seeing it clearly: The quality of your experiences really begins to shift. 

"There are only two ways to live your life.

One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is...” 

―Albert Einstein 

Who are you?

Do you realize that there might be much more to you than you have considered up to now?
The truth is, we are three. (Actually more like 3+1, at least) Yes, science and the New Age community surprisingly  have something they agree upon ! We all have a physical part,  a mental or intellectual part, and one part that we can't really explain, lets just call it - our spiritual part. And then there is this other entity holding it's very own, unique space. Our emotional part.

For us to live a life of lasting joy, fulfillment, lightness, and true Love, we must pay attention, stimulate and develop each one of these three parts and welcome, permit and experience the forth. They all want to be nurtured,  lived and loved and none can be neglected or ignored.

Is it then surprising that a great number of people in our world feel beat, unfulfilled and not very happy?  Not really, right?  Because most of us are  living our entire lives on the mental plain, neglecting not only great parts of our physical necessities but ignoring entirely the mystical part of our Spiritual Self.  For most, a great part of themselves simply remains untouched, dormant, kind of left out. Imagine a car. Try to drive only on one wheel. It doesn't work, does it? Try to drive on two wheels, possible... But if you manage, within 10 miles your tires will burst. Too much stress on one point. Sound familiar? The other wheels are not being used, and that is what is happening to most human beings in our world.  The result, exhaustion, we feel dormant, left out and without drive or purpose...

So, how about you? Have you been in touch with all of you lately? If not, it might be time!

To be happy we need to BE.
Unfortunately we are living more like HUMAN DOINGS,
wondering why it is, that
we do not feel truly alive."     


What to Do?

The good news is, you're the one! The only one actually, that can give happiness to you.  It will come from no-where and no-one else! How? By living all that you are. Your very own Triology. No, it is not hard at all to begin connecting with your three parts to get this rolling! And yes, it will require some change. But remember what Einstein said: "We can not continue doing the same things over and over again and expect a different outcome." 

They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear. It seems like you are ready! Ready for some lightness and yet depth in your life, ready for some Love and ready for genuine happiness and a life worth getting up in the morning. Yes, it is time to laugh, to love and time to really live! 

Whether you are ready to transform in a big way or just need some guidance and advice, please get in touch and I'll be happy to assist.