My Story

We all have a passion. Life is mine! Since I can remember, I have loved life, human beings, animals, plants, yes, creation as a whole with all of her elements and dimensions. From an early age, I noticed a special connection to something that for a long time I was unable to explain or even understand and I decided very young that being of service is my calling.

And so I’ve been learning ever since. I began to develop a high sensitivity toward energies and appearances of different vibrational nature, as well as a passion for Information about the connection of all life. For more than forty years now I have been immersing myself in the knowledge of herbs, gems & stones, colors, astrology, astronomy,, numerology, theology and especially learning about human nature, psychology, physiology, the human spirit and soul.

Growing (up) in many different countries, among different animal and human races, in completely diverse cultures and dissimilar circumstances, allowed me to gather profound, extensive and deep life experiences. I have been rich and poor, happy and sad, I lived in cities and in the country, I laughed a lot and cried much too. I had to let go many times and have been let go myself, I gave earth life to three beautiful souls and had an accident almost take mine away. I have learnt not to judge and at the same time not to try and stop others from doing so. But one thing never changed. I still love life, human beings, yes, creation as a whole! Only now the love has deepened, for through experience, connection and love I have understood what I had been sensing since childhood.

There is a beautiful, indescribable, eternal loving force within and behind all that is.  We never walk alone!

And it is always there to support and love us, that is, if we let it.To flow within this light is not hard at all. We must only become aware and connect with our true nature. 

I am here to share my story and my knowledge, to show those who wish to know, how to create a fulfilled and joyful life through connection and alignment with true self in harmony with universal law. I share hands on how to's on maneuvering through any challenge (opportunity) life may present, without getting stuck in extensive periods of drama and hurt. I want to share the tools, from practical to spiritual, that I have discovered and gathered in over 50 years and that have been so effective and helpful for my own life. This is my mission and my calling.