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Auras.  Do they exist?

Some people consider them to be “Woo Woo”, esoteric nonsense. Others devote much time and effort in discovering their energetic manifestation. For all the skeptics who are wondering if Auras do in fact exist, the answer is YES! 

Remember those pictures of sages, saints, angels etc. with white or golden halos? We certainly all know, that those people didn't really walk around with a light bulb stuck to their heads creating a shine around their crown but that the artists were trying to impress upon us the image of a pure being with a white or golden Aura. For thousands of years pretty much all spiritual traditions throughout history and time have referred to energy fields surrounding living beings and objects. Today modern technology has allowed not only Scientists and Researchers to actually capture and measure Auras, physically proving their existence. Throughout the past few decades extensive Aura information has been gathered and discovering ones "energetic home field" is turning out to be of great advantage, a huge leap forward on the path of self discovery and development. 

" Aura Halo  "

So what actually is an Aura?

Let´s begin with a rather technical definition: An Aura is a measurable, abstract sub atomic energy field, an electromagnetic field that surrounds all things. Kind of light and energy around every body and every object that appears to exist. Anything that has an atomic structure has this energy field - with other words, everything has an Aura! And every Aura has its own unique frequency!  

Protons and Electrons in Atoms vibrate at a certain frequency rate and atoms of objects that we consider "alive" vibrate stronger, more actively. That is why it is much easier to detect and sense Auras in humans, animals and plants than in stones, tables or other objects. 


The Human Auric Field consists of 7 individual layers.  Each layer of the aura corresponds to one of the chakras in the body and has its own unique qualities and characteristics. All seven layers blend together to form the entire Aura.


From a more spiritual point of view one would define the Aura as our Spirit in color! It is the subtle manifestation of everything that we are. Yes, Aura is a manifestation, it is not a presence by itself. It is one way of knowing what our energetic fingerprint and current state of being is. It is part of our Energetic Signature, a source of energy for us, and it contains information about our life plan for this incarnation.

" 7 Aura Levels Correspond with 7 Main Chakra Points. "

What does the Human Aura look like?

The human Aura is an oval shaped energetic field around a person. It is said that the average human Aura extends from about 1-1.5 meters (3.5 - 5 ft) around the average healthy body, reaching above the head and below the feet. However, the size is much determined by the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of the being and the consciousness (light/energy)) held by the individual. Because the Aura directly links to the health and mental state of a person, a largely depleted aura of only about 50 centimeters (1.5 ft) is possible. The healthier you are physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually the bigger, brighter and stronger your Aura will be.

Aside from size and brightness, Auras are colorful. This might be one of the most intriguing and informative aspects of our Aura. Color is light and light is consciousness. The greater the harmony the individual holds, the greater the light held, the lighter the colors become. This is due to the fact that color is a lower vibration to light. 

Everyone is born with a certain Aura color. The color in the center of the Aura Image represents a person’s base Aura color, the essence one brings into this world. It shows who you really are and even though Aura colors change dependent on various factors, there appears to be that basic Aura color which each individual seems to contain and that, if at all, will change only very slowly and basically as a result of deep personal transformation as would be spiritual growth and development. 

If all inner work of a person had been done, purity & harmony in body, mind & Soul achieved, there would be no colors that flow through the aura. It would be pure light with a tint of the souls color in the center.

" What Color is Your Aura? "

Aura Colors And Their Meanings:

The color and tone of an Aura can be from a pitch black to a pure white and varies as much as the human being or any being for that matter does. Colors range from bright and clean to foggy and murky and are an expression of the individuals current state. Darker and dirty colors indicate a disharmonious state, expressing the dysfunctional meaning of that particular color. 

Basically there are seven sacral colors that flow through the aura, the colors of the rainbow. An eternal combination of all of them is possible. Each color has positive and negative qualities. Key to understanding the meaning is the shading and clarity of a color, its position and the balance of color in the overall Aura. For example, a clear red would indicate love, power, strength to where a shaded dark red points to struggle, fights and conflict.

Here are some very brief explanations of color meanings in the Aura:

RED (bright):
CHAKRA: 1 – Root
Vitality, Energy, Activity, Joy, Physical Power, Strength, Sexual Energy, Change, New Beginnings, Willpower
RED (dark):
Imbalance, Conflict, Stress, Anger, Fighting Others and Oneself, Fears, Insufficient Grounding, Lack of Basic Trust, Suppressed Emotions
TIP:  Energy & Release Work (Breathwork, Taichi, Qi Gong etc.), Root Clearing (Family Constellation Work), Drumming, Sports as Physical Ventilation Tool

ORANGE (bright):
CHAKRA: 2 – Naval
Transformation, Joy of Life, Sensuality, Sexuality, Creativity, Courage, Sensitivity, Social
ORANGE (dark):
Shock & Trauma, Injury of Aura, Old Subconscious Blockades, Injured Inner Child, Jealousy, Dependency, Loneliness, Overburdened, Abuse Issues, Old Fears & Suppressed Feelings, Inner Tension, Difficulties in Setting Boundaries
TIP: Clarify Relationship to Father/Mother, Clearing Work  of Subconscious (i.e. Soul (Re)alignment), Express Feelings & Emotions through Creative Work, Forgiveness

YELLOW (bright):
CHAKRA: 3 – Solar Plexus
Active, Clarity, Knowledge, Intellect, Mental Work, Positive Thinking & Sunny Disposition, Independent, Willpower, Concentration, Reflection & Consciousness Processes
YELLOW (dark): 
Fears, Ego, Overthinking, Not able to shut of reoccurring Thoughts about issues, too Rational, Control Issues, excessive Outside Influences, Negative Thought Patterns, Worries
TIP: Consciously move out of the Head & Into the Heart, Meditation, Enhance Intuition Capability, Release Work ( i.e. Transformational Breathwork Meditation), Affirmations 

GREEN (bright):
CHAKRA: 4 – Heart
Love, Compassion, Generosity, Selflessness, Openness, Tolerance, Inner Growth, Healing Energies, Connected to Nature, Balanced, Communicative, Often in Social & Medical Occupations
GREEN (dark):
Indecision, Unable to say No, Helpers Syndrome, Guilt, Little Assertiveness & Selflove , Avoidance of Confrontation with own Problems
TIP: Learn to set Boundaries & to say No, Increase Self Love, Consciously pay Attention to Loving Self Communication

BLUE (bright):
CHAKRA: 5 – Throat
Inspiration, Calmness, Deep Basic Trust, Contentedness, Feeling Safe & Protected, Truth & Values, Prayer & Potential of connection to Beings of Higher Frequency (Angels etc.), Emotional
BLUE (dark):
Withdrawal, Lack of Energy, Heaviness, Worn Out, Depression, Burdened, Old Injuries & Disappointments, Karmic Patterns, Exaggerated Demand on Self & Others 
TIP: Karmic Healing & Release Work (i.e. Soul (Re)alignment, SoulDance, Breathwork etc.), Open Heartspace, Grounding to Focus & to Avoid Escapism 

VIOLET (bright):
CHAKRA: 6 - 
Higher Self, Intuition, Spirituality, Deep Basic Trust, Feeling Guided, Spiritual 
Growth, Mediality, Meditation, Telepathy, Creativity, Sensitivity, Compassion, Love, Emotional Person
VIOLET (dark): 
Vulnerable, Difficulties in Setting Personal Boundaries, Fears, Self-sacrificing, Little Stability, Lack of Self Love, Susceptible to Negative Influences
Tip: Learn to Energetically Cleanse, Set & Protect Boundaries, Pay Attention to the Difference of Giving and being Exploited, Step into Self Love & Connection, Meditate

PINK (bright):
Unconditional Love, Softness, Compassion, Devine Connectedness 
PINK (dark/murky):
Too Credulous, Naive, Helper Syndrome, Vulnerable
TIP: Learn Love of Self, Balance Giving & Receiving

WHITE (bright):
Contains All Colors, Openness to Cosmic / Divine Energy, Strong Radiance, Oneness, Protected, Stillness, Awakening, Charismatic Personality
WHITE (murky):
No Grounding, Not Occupying the Body fully, Jammed Energies
TIP: Integrate Spiritual Insights into Physical Existence, Strengthen Physical Connection & Body Consciousness (SoulDance, Tai Chi, Yoga)

No Energy, Negative Influences, Negative Disposition, In a Whole, Weakness, Lack, Torn between Outside Energies, Old Negative Blockades & Restrictive Patterns

" Colors have Meaning..."

What all  can you tell by an Aura? 

In a nutshell: If you look at ones Aura you clearly know the physical health, the mental health, the karmic structure and Soul quality of a person. There is no judgement here. It is a simple manifestation and energetic statement. Even if you are currently involved in an extensive personal development processes, growing and developing and improving your system to the best of your abilities, your Aura might still be carrying what you manifested yesterday, a week, a month, or 10 years ago. If it made enough impact it will simply keep hanging around until cleared. 

" Aura Uncleared and Loaded! "

Aura Cleansing - Why?

A clean, uncluttered and intact Aura (Energetic field) is the key to energetic, creative flow. Interacting with other beings - humans, animals etc. however, allows energy to be exchanged. One could say that our energetic fields mingle. The closer we get and the greater our emotional involvement, the stronger the impact on our energetic campus. Sexual intercourse for example is a highly magnetic interaction, that will allow energies of other beings to stick to our auric field for as long as 5 - 7 years. ( A specific form of cleansing is required here ) It is therefore highly recommended to chose wisely who to share such close experiences with, for not only do we end up with that persons energetic influence but also vibrationally are tinted by those partners which this person has entertained in the recent past. 

So,  would you then say, that keeping the Aura clean is a good idea? 


Well, is keeping our body clean good?  Even if we don’t understand that it is,  a person sitting next to us very much does! Yes, it is good to keep our body clean. It is  good to keep our minds clean, yes, it is good to keep everything that is US clean!

And yes, it is possible to clean our Aura.

Aura cleansing is a process which destroys impurities that do not belong to us. It removes from our Aura the energies that vibrationally disturb our flow so that our body with all its energetic extensions can flow with pure energy and may feel better, breath better not only in terms of physical health & well being but equally on the level of mental & emotional wellness. 

"Our Energetic Fields mingle..."

How is Aura Cleansing done?

It is as  in all areas of life. If we want to take anything to a higher possibility, heal it , we first purify, cleanse it. Without purification we can not make anything better than it is right now. And this is true for the Aura too. 

Have you noticed that if you take a shower - let water pour over you, you are not just cleaning the skin?  Even in a bath as you pour water over you, your face or over your head, it does not simply clean your body, but something else happens too. Let’s say you are agitated and you go take a shower. You come out, and for a moment  feel better already, as if all the nonsense kind of washed off. So a shower is not just about cleaning your body it is also to an extent cleaning your aura. 

Aura Cleansing is an act and combination of physical, mental and energetic  actions supported by herbal remedies and sound (vibration). For noticeable results, all elements, water, air, earth and fire are best included. We wash, vibrate (make sound), burn herbs and meditate preferably in sunlight. Activities like Transformational Breath Meditation support greatly the cleansing and letting go process. 

"Even your home adjusts to your energy and you to its..."

There is Memory of us in every Place!

Even our house, our bedroom and other spaces we frequent adjust to your energy and we pick up their energy as well. Not only can we sense energetic fields when we enter a room for example and simply feel that it is not a good place, or  a lovely place for that matter,  without having evident explanation but if we sit somewhere for a while and then leave, a certain aspect of us is left behind. This is not esoteric belief,  Scientists can actually come into a place 24 hrs after we had been and find exactly where we were sitting by measuring frequency. Our furry friends can detect us equally well and feel our energetic field too, do they not? Only they sense  it without needing instruments. 

With an energetically balanced and clean Aura we flow and create flow around us. We put out harmony and with it attract the same. So, what color is your Aura? And is it heavy or light... 

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This system does not indicate or diagnose symptoms, physical problems or sickness in any form whatsoever.
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